5 ways to improve your Business over Social Media

  • April 4, 2024
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5 ways to improve your Business over Social Media

We all know social media came into existence from the mid-2000s, and these platforms were used to share photos and keep in touch with long distant friends. But the scene from earlier has changed. Now social media is a part of our lives.  According to reports, an average adult spends over two hours and twenty-three minutes on social media. These applications have changed our lifestyles. In 2020, 91% of retail businesses have an active online presence on two or more social media platforms.

  • Figure-out the platform for your customers.
  • Share Happy customer stories with marketing.
  • Optimize your personal social media profiles.
  • Check the significant metrics.
  • Do a competitive analysis.

Figure-out the platform for your customers.

As a marketer, you have to sort out your ideal customer’s profile. From the glance of the profile itself, we should understand the key information the customers/buyers personas, an ideal buyer persona includes information such as how old your buyers are, what their interests are, and what problem they are turning to your product to deal with. once you work out the profile use this piece of information to choose what platform they most likely to be active on.

 Share Happy customer stories with marketing.

When buyers try to purchase a new product, buyers feel more confident in their decision knowing the product has a seal of approval from another buyer.

Make sure you’re regularly posting the stories of happy customers so that others feel more confident about your product. This gonna boost your business and increase your brand value.

Optimize your personal social media profiles.

Your company’s account isn’t the only thing your brand can have on social media, your account play an important role in your company’s account. As an owner/ Marketer you can optimize your account to support your company’s account. By this, customers can easily connect with you.

Check the significant metrics.

As a marketing professional, you’re no unknown to tracking metrics such as the average length of the sales, pipeline velocity, and average lead response time so that you can understand how your business is performing. On regular intervals check the metrics to find out your business backlogs and performance. By this, you can build a strategy to continue your business to the next level.

Do a competitive analysis.

We all know social media are the best tools to analyze your competitors and their engagement with their audience. You can check their comments and feedback so that you will be having a clear idea about how the competitor’s business is running from that you can distinguish from others and can plan new strategies and new ways of marketing.

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