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We offer custom-designed mobile applications, gaming apps, e-commerce platforms, and whatnot. Having handpicked professionals with expertise in advanced mobile app frameworks, we can design and develop the mobile app the way you want.
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Our Mobile App Development Services

We offer complete mobile application development in Dubai, as well as, customised packages based on the requirements of the client.
Are you looking for android mobile app development in Dubai? Call us right away! Our qualified and experienced android app developers would be the right choice for you. You can ping us even if you want clarifications or guidance regarding android apps. Mobile applications on the android OS are more popular than other mobile operating systems.
Present your business, product, service, or application to Apple phone users. Used more by people from the upper economic spectrum, iOS mobile apps can deliver highly productive results. Designing the iOS mobile app needs a keen understanding of the specific user segment. The app has to be integrated with exclusive characteristics to make it work. We welcome you to Inter Smart, one of the top entities offering iOS mobile app development in UAE.
Flutter from the house of Google has been one of the best mobile app frameworks. The open-source UI offers extensive design and development possibilities. Our specialists with immense experience and expertise designing Flutter-based apps would deliver an app that performs beyond your expectations. Explore android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Google Fuchsia operating systems by launching a cross-platform app based on Flutter.
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Our Mobile App Development Process

We are committed to delivering an outstanding app that would meet your expectations and connect your entity with potential users. Focusing on this, we pursue a prudently formulated process. Our mobile app development process involves:
Consultation & Concept Building
Our professionals involved in mobile app development in UAE would analyze the objectives of the client. The requirements would be examined comprehensively to reach a basic concept, on which the app would be built.
The mobile app wireframe we provide would offer insight into the app's appearance and features. Although it may not give a complete idea about the functionalities, the 2-D wireframe would deliver a basic concept of how the application is going to be.
Specialists from the mobile app development team would work in tandem to ensure a promising product. The ideates, UI/ UX experts, designers, and developers would maintain constant discussion and brainstorming sessions throughout. To make the product appealing, foolproof, and high performing.
Exhaustive testing by our specialist team would ensure flawless functioning of the app. Technical snags observed would be resolved and the testing process would be undertaken again until the app is perfect in all respects.
Feedback From Client
Your opinions and suggestions are of paramount importance to us. We would introduce changes and modifications based on the proposals from your end. We are all ears for the client’s feedback. One of the main reasons that made us the leading one in mobile app development in Dubai.
We would deploy the app in Play Store and App Store post obtaining approval from the client. All the processes preceding the deployment would be complied with meticulously. This would be monitored by the expert professional from Inter Smart.



Inter Smart has proven time and again that transforming an idea into a reality does not necessarily mean breaking the bank. We optimize the resources available to develop high functioning and efficient digital solutions that benefit the company in more ways than one. When designing any mobile app, we look from all possible angles to ensure a flawless execution that will capture the attention of the user. We give the highest quality solutions to all our clients.

Depending on your requirement, we can help you in developing native, web and hybrid apps. The Native apps are designed to run on a single platform, such as iOS, Android, or Windows. These unique apps excel in user experience optimization and are built exclusively for one platform. Web apps, on the other hand, are optimised web pages that appear like applications but in reality, they are designed for browsers that are compatible with a variety of mobile operating systems. A mobile applications can easily be viewed on iOS, Android, or Windows tablets and phones. They are also compatible with web browsers on PC and Laptops. Hybrid apps include a shell similar to native apps, have their own icon, and are available for download from an app store (like Google play store). They are created to target several platforms simultaneously.

Just like the price of an App, there are several factors to consider when deciding whether to use iOS, Android or both. The development pace, target demographics, revenue models, designing user interfaces, etc all influence the choice. Android has the biggest global platform share, with its presence in developed as well as developing nations. On the other hand, iOS users are known to have higher conversion rates and higher average spend. Ultimately, selecting the platform purely depends on the target audience. You can even choose both platforms if it benefits your cause.

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    Result-driven mobile app development company in Dubai

    Result-driven mobile app development company in Dubai

    Searching for mobile app development services in Dubai? Inter Smart might be the ideal option for you. Our proficient team would provide you with mobile applications tailored to your needs. We induce strategized optimization for the app to reach potential users. Leading to exemplary downloads.

    We offer both iOS and Android mobile app development in UAE. The application would be elements suiting the sector, the target audience, and user perception. Understanding the client segment and market analysis aids us in designing and developing high-performing mobile apps for you.

    The user viewpoints and expectations vary depending on varying socio-economic factors. A keen observation, as well as, assessment is pivotal for designing the user interface accordingly. By rendering a positive user experience, the mobile app we develop would gain much acceptance, outperforming the other apps.

    A distinctive appearance with out-of-the-box design features is the prime requirement to make a mobile app successful. Our team involved in mobile app development in Dubai induces optimum functionality, along with aesthetical elements, and advanced features.

    Inter Smart is a result-driven mobile app development company in Dubai that is dedicated to delivering results to clients.

    Empower your Business with a Custom Mobile app.

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    why Choose us

    Want to Grow your busines with Our Digital Marketing Strategy that drive conversion. Join the top Digital Marketing Company in Dubai for a remarkable Digital Experience.
    E-Commerce Apps

    Explore the possibilities of online business by launching an eCommerce solution designed exclusively for you. We have been one of the most affordable and reliable firms for e-commerce mobile app development in UAE. We assure you of easy content management, fault-free functioning, seamless integration with the latest technologies, and optimum performance without any snags.

    Business Apps

    Reach out to millions of prospective customers through business apps. Designed specifically for you, with all the features induced methodically, the application would elevate growth prospects for your business. Our design and development team would examine the sector and identify the subtle elements that can benefit the app.

    Utility Apps

    Gain the trust of users and garner progress in the sector through easy-to-use utility apps. The utility apps must be simple, uncluttered, safe, and secure. It should reassure the safety of financial transactions, with the latest security features installed. Providing advanced mobile app development in Dubai for years, we can design and deliver a utility app for you.

    Lifestyle Mobile Apps

    People are in search of a lifestyle mobile app that can offer some quick tips. Too busy with life, everyone wants a simple and uncluttered mobile app that doesn’t have unwanted gimmicks. We understand the user segment very well and can offer you a diligent lifestyle mobile app development in Dubai.

    Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

    Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

    A mobile app is going to be the catalyst for your business growth. It would aid you to reach out to millions of potential customers around, even from far away locations. Geographical limitations cannot impede your progress when equipped with a mobile app.

    Nonetheless, the design features of the application play a pivotal role. That is why you should opt for the best one, like Inter Smart, in mobile app development in UAE. More than having the technical knowledge and capabilities for designing the app, the specialist team at the firm must be able to understand the client’s objectives and customer segment of the app.

    We analyze the market prior to proposing the design and development characteristics of the mobile. The features, design specs, appearance, and all the elements in the app would be placed as per the user segment. Thus ensuring an optimistic user experience, which would lead to greater customer reach and growth.

    By engaging the users effectively, the app would help in improved conversion rates. Automated notifications, systematically formulated algorithms, and AI-based functions will lead to an increased customer base.

    Our mobile apps are integrated with optimized content to reach out to prospective users. Not only the app would hook the user and make him or her download, but also prompts them to take action like buy, follow, hire, subscribe, etc.

    We would be happy to serve you and deliver you smartly functioning mobile applications that would become the mainstay behind your business growth. Give us a chance to serve you with the best mobile app development in Dubai.

    You may ping us now to discuss more the subtleties, as well as, intricate aspects of mobile app development. We can provide you with more insights regarding the project you have in mind.

    Why Inter Smart for Mobile App Development?

    Why Inter Smart for Mobile App Development?

    Intersmart has been the leading mobile app development company in Dubai. We have successfully ideated, designed, developed, and deployed mobile apps for several leading companies, organizations, and individuals in UAE.

    We consider each client special and remain dedicated to the project even after its development and launch. We offer extensive services post-deployment of the mobile app as well. With our experts handling and managing the application, it would be up to date and would continue growing to gain more downloads.


    The factors that make us the best one in mobile app development in UAE are:

    • Completely transparent dealings
    • A team committed to the client
    • Handpicked app designers and developers with extensive experience in the field
    • Design and development within the promised schedule
    • Comprehensive support throughout and after the deployment
    • 24×7 support to the clients
    • Exclusive account manager for each client