Great Search Engines You Can Use Instead of Google

  • April 15, 2024
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There is no doubt that Google is the most prominent search engine for users of the internet in most parts of the world. Having a market share of about 70,000 searches per second, it is really impressive how a single search engine can gain all this impressive data. However, internet users are becoming more concerned about their privacy and how Google tracks and uses the data to share with advertisers and other marketing aspects. Hence, users are in search of alternative search engines to keep their private information safe and secure.

This blog is about 5 Great Search Engines You Can Use Instead of Google. People have started using search engines other than Google, so If your business needs to be accessed worldwide, you have to come up with solutions that combine the ideas of a digital marketing company in Dubai.

  • Microsoft Bing

Bing has many features that make it stand out among other search engines. Firstly, it provides better video searches. As you can see large thumbnails and hover over the video, you can actually preview the video with sound. Secondly, it offers reward points for its users as you can redeem the points you’ve earned to win amazing prizes. It is basically a search engine by Microsoft and it is also marked second according to the market share after Google. It was launched in the year 2009, and its origin is traced back to earlier search engines provided by Microsoft like Live Search and MSN Search.

Just like any other search engine, you can perform the same kind of searching on Bing as you would search on Google. For example, you can use this search engine platform to research keywords and also in finding images, maps, videos, products, and many more. It offers a webmaster tool that is really easy to use if you want to submit a website for indexing to search engines. Bing is more advanced than Google in terms of image search and within the image search function, it has the feature of object-detection intelligence. You can also save the previous searches as ‘collections’ which makes it easy to return after your search at a later time.

  • Yahoo

It is an alternative search engine you can use other than Google. It falls third after Google and Bing in terms of market share. It is developed by Davis Filo and Jerry Yang in the year 1994. It was really famous and popular search engine in the early 2000s and 90s. It is said that Yahoo has become an outdated search engine and Bing rules over it. But it is not the case, Yahoo still has the features to make it up to the top 5 Great Search Engines You Can Use Instead of Google. So, what makes it different from other search engines?

Better search results can be obtained if you access other Yahoo services like email, sports, finance, and Yahoo answers.  It has the ability to provide information from other services, which leaves you with more information about the thing you are searching for. Our SEO Services in Dubai can come up with solutions to stay ahead in targeted search engines.

  • DuckDuckGo

When it comes to favoring the privacy of the users, DuckDuckGo is included among the 5 Great Search Engines You Can Use Instead of Google. Even though it has gained popularity, only has a 1.5% share of the search market. The foremost thing about DuckDuckGo is that it does not collect any data or personal information when using this search engine. This alone is the reason many have started using this search engine that respects their privacy.

  • Qwant

It is an anti-Google search service from the EU having an attractive visual design and it makes use of its own indexing robots to examine results on a webpage, though it mainly uses APIs from Twitter, YouTube, iTunes, and Microsoft Bing. Furthermore, the maps are operated on the basis of open-source OpenMapTiles, where you can save the history of a map search. Additionally, it also has a kid-friendly version of the search site known as Qwant Junior.

Users can search freely without thinking about the security of personal details because they won’t store any browsing history or details to provide personalized ads. Just like the site says ‘We do not track or collect our users’ data’, they don’t keep any data of their users. With the help of uBlock, it will show the tracker cookies that are worth blocking. They were initiated from the domain that it appeared in one of the block lists of uBlock.

  • Brave Search

Brave Search claims the unmatched privacy that comes from the great creators of Brace web browsers that solely focused on privacy. When you enter to search in Brave Search the ad-and-tracker blocker, uBlock won’t report because there is nothing to be blocked. As the Brave Search saying goes, “We don’t track you, your searches, or your clicks. Ever”, no account is created or the IP address that is used to localize the search results isn’t stored, and there is no option to turn off the access because they are not collecting it. Although it functions perfectly and provides accurate results, Brave Search is still in beta.

The result page is also very attractive in that it helps in filtering the search by video, image, and news search, but not music or maps. Like Bing, It doesn’t let the user earn rewards on the volume of their search, but it can be expected in the coming updates. It is a comparatively slower search engine compared to others, however, it acquires results from its own web crawling index and anonymous API calls to third parties.

In conclusion, Google is the search engine that is used by many, but many grew concerned over how it accesses data and privacy. So it became vital to find alternative search engines that can provide the information of their search without collecting further data or personal information from their side. Additionally, many search engines haven’t gained much attention even though they provide good results.

Furthermore, some search engines offer more benefits like donations and rewards that are worth the cause of how much you search. The quality of the earch results was the most important issue faced in earlier days. With the emerging technology and innovations, there come many alternatives for Google. We provide SEO Services in Dubai to enhance your profile through personalized services to achieve results in search engines.

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