How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign In UAE

  • April 4, 2024
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How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign In UAE

The United Arab Emirates is known for its fast pace development and acceptance of global cultures. Various Industries compete for a space in the business world of Dubai. The laws and regulations are also business-friendly thus making UAE the land of golden opportunities. Hence penetrating this market requires some next-level expertise which the Digital marketing company in UAE can offer. Below mentioned are 8 tips to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign In UAE.

1.  Set the Goal
2.  Set the Budget
3.  Research the Target Audience
4.  Target Oriented Content
5.  Audience Interaction
6.  Premium customers
7.  Respect traditions, guidelines, and rules
8.  Brand Recognition

1.Set the Goal

Before brainstorming ideas for the marketing campaign, one must always define the expectations for this marketing campaign? What is its purpose? What do you plan to accomplish? Is it to close new customers, generate fresh leads, re-engage existing ones, increase your visibility, increase sales of a particular product or service, drive more traffic to your website, etc.
Setting realistic and measurable milestones in the goals for the marketing campaign before even beginning will help to assess whether the campaign was a success or not. The textbook method is to set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to your goals. At regular intervals, check if the KPIs are met and understand the deviation. Take corrective actions to align to the expectations and minimize the losses.

2.Set the Budget

This should be a no-brainer. What is the amount set aside to fuel the marketing campaigns? At what stage of the campaign should the next set of funds be released? Measuring the Return on investment (ROI) at different stages of the campaign milestone can help to understand the success rate. If the goal is brand awareness then it may not reflect immediately as opposed to inbound traffic increasing. Some goals take a longer time to achieve than others and the initial allocation of the budget will help to justify the investment.

3.Research the Target Audience

Who is the campaign supposed to reach? Since the UAE is a mixture of cultures and their specific preferences, understanding your audience and their patterns will give a purpose for the campaign. Successful business owners know that only a limited number of people will buy their product or service by seeing their advertisements. Identifying and targeting those people is a key factor to maintain the budget and manpower. Learning how to use target market segmentation to focus on potential customers that will be interested in your products and services will also help to save time. A digital marketing company in Dubai does a detailed market analysis before brainstorming any campaign.

4.Target Oriented Content

Now that you have located your target audience and defined your goals it’s time to start creating your campaign. Any campaign is only as good as its contents which are successful in resonating with the target audience. Coming up with new and original campaign ideas is not always easy.
Studying the popular proven methods used by competitors can provide a good start for your own campaign to improve upon. A thorough understanding of the competition and their previous marketing strategies will help you to steer clear of failed ones. You can learn from their mistakes!

5.Audience Interaction

Ensure to make your audience participate in your campaign. Sometimes adding a lucrative prize, related to your business can attract more participants. You can also invest in visuals like infographics, videos, and pictures that capture the attention of your audience. Another method is to engage the audience in a fun game like a memory game, a quiz, a jackpot, or another playful campaign that will increase the participation rate and encourage sharing with their friends. Also, customer feedback is crucial to ensure the campaign is on the right track.

6.Premium Customers

UAE is blessed with ample users who are financially and culturally rich. They like to stand out from the crowd and do not shy away from spending on premium products that flaunt their uniqueness in value and luxury. So instead of using terms like cheap pricing, deals, special offers, etc focusing on aspects of uniqueness, luxury, and limited editions to resonate better as a brand with users. For example, UAE is among the highest in the world per capita in terms of luxury car sales. This is mainly because UAE is a rich market across various industries like automobiles, real estate, lifestyle, tourism, etc. Lifestyle experiences have a higher weightage when marketing in the UAE.

7.Respect traditions, guidelines, and rules

The main reason why UAE is very successful is because of the respect and adherence to the guidelines and rules by its residents. Hence make sure to follow the well-defined guidelines, rules, and restrictions within UAE regions while creating advertisements. They have a zero-tolerance to campaigns that do not respect their laws and each region may have unique rules. So do not hurt their sentiments and at the same time respect their beliefs if you want to gain acceptance. Long-term relationships are key for conducting business among premium clients and this comes only with trust.

8.Brand Recognition

Although essential for every country, with millions of alternatives available, brand recognition and loyalty makes all the difference in UAE. Customers today have the power to make or break a brand. So brand monitoring, brand reputation, brand recognition, etc are key in any business. Brand recognition used to be an intangible asset, but with the latest online tools measuring these attributes, metrics are easily achieved.
To ensure a strong brand reputation, one needs to be able to influence their consumer’s opinions in a way that redefines how they think and speak about the brand online.

Digital Marketing Campaigns are considered to be the best method of running a marketing campaign in the UAE due to the availability of tools to track the metrics online and take necessary steps before it’s too late. Intersmart Solution UAE is a famous Digital marketing company in UAE with multinational clients and expertise exceeding 10 years in the field of digital marketing.

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