Top Real Estate Websites in UAE 2022

  • April 12, 2024
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Foreign ownership is legal in UAE in areas classified as freehold. Foreigners who do not reside in the UAE and expatriate residents may gain freehold ownership rights, usufruct rights, or leasehold rights for up to 99 years. In UAE, there is no upper age limit for purchasing a property.

The real estate market in UAE is unlike any other in the world. In UAE, there are more than 600 real estate agencies. Furthermore, with experts expecting a difficult year ahead for the sector due to overstock and an economic recession, there is little doubt that this is a competitive market.

As a result, several property companies in UAE are now considering a new and more engaging website as a strategy to weather the storm. Here we look at our top real estate websites of 2022 in UAE and what we think works with their website.


Prestige is a real estate agency that can help you discover a house or an investment property in UAE. They will walk you through the steps to help you reach your goals! They can assist you in obtaining the best financing, locating the greatest offer, scheduling and guiding you through viewings, skilfully negotiating for you, and assisting you through the transfer procedure from start to end. They have earned our reputation for providing service that goes above and beyond every expectation and industry norm.

It all begins with a partnership with each of our clients based on open communication, transparency, and real compassion and respect. Their main goal is to be the clients’ experienced guide through the complexity of UAE real estate. From listing to closing, they help out every step of the way, keeping the process simple and stress-free. Clients are enticed to check out the properties owing to their smooth website navigation.


Binayah Real Estate was founded in 2007 by industry veterans with over 30 years of combined experience in the Real Estate Market. They provide a wide range of services to the clients, including property management, asset management, Real Estate Brokerage services, aid in buying, selling, or renting, and investment and development consulting. Their asset management business oversees a diverse portfolio of assets in the residential, commercial, leasehold, and freehold sectors.

They have expanded into allied business categories in order to add value to their renowned customers by developing apartment complexes and other development projects. Selling, renting, marketing, property management, consultation and advice, property listing service, investment advisory service, and portfolio management service are among their services. The website developed keeps in mind the intention of the reader.

Emirate’s National Investment

Emirate’s National Investment(ENI), has a stunning and innovative website that sticks out from the rest. The visual is fantastic, in addition to the smooth functioning. As a property investment firm, the high-class vibe is obviously vital and well-executed. On-page SEO is well incorporated, and there is a decent mix of helpful information.

Within pages, the famous scrolling design is applied to terrific effect once more. The property search option is simple to use and naturally entices the user to make a reservation.

Al Fattan

Al Fattan has successfully integrated the beautiful design into a highly functional website. This is a gorgeous website with intelligent yet basic content that draws the audience in. The property search option is prominent, although not as outspoken as on some of Dubai’s other real estate websites.

Al Fattan is one of Dubai’s oldest real estate companies, yet this is a totally contemporary website that uses the company’s history to its advantage while still demonstrating that it is incredibly relevant today.


They have a reputation in UAE for being a famous Real Estate Agency that provides flawless services in all parts of Real Estate Brokerage and Investment Consultancy. Rocky Real Estate has been a pioneer in Asset Management, with over four decades of unrivaled competence in residential, commercial, and investment options. Extensive industry knowledge, intense networking, and seasoned employees who stay on top of global trends have helped us establish ourselves as a dependable and recognized firm in Dubai today.

Rocky Real Estate has a diverse portfolio of properties to fulfill the diverse needs of our customers. They work hard to match the expectations of investors and end-users who want to deal with specialists who understand their requirements. This comes from understanding the business, the goods, the rules, and dealing with a reputable firm that values service and honesty. Their website is a true mirror of their values.

Zoom property

Zoom Property is one of the UAE’s newest and most innovative property platforms. In just four years, it has grown tremendously in popularity. Zoom Home will provide you with the greatest experience possible when it comes to discovering a property, thanks to improved search tools that will expedite the purchasing or renting process. One of the most useful aspects of this website is the ability to talk with an agent in real-time.

Zoom property encompasses all of the most popular regions of the UAE. It lists nearly 20,000 properties, including flats, villas, townhouses, and commercial buildings. The Zoom Property also has a trending properties option to assist you to choose the greatest region to invest your money in. You may also free list your property.

Representing Your UAE Property Business

You can see from the top websites listed above that the most recent real estate website designs include numerous features and capabilities that allow customers to search and explore all available properties in a much better way.

The design and website aesthetics play a major role in the website bounce rate and the ultimate conversion rate. Choose the best website development company in UAEIntersmart for developing your website to maximize your visitors and return on investment.

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