What is a Website Conversion Rate and How to Improve It?

  • April 12, 2024
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In today’s day and age, every business that hopes to connect with its customers must definitely have a website. A website is like a digital face of the company that portrays its capability, quality, brand strength, level of professionalism, and above all authenticity. Regardless of industry, a company’s internet presence may significantly influence its success. One of the primary reasons your business should have a website is to increase the credibility of your company. Your target audience is bound to compare websites before finalizing their choice. Having a competent website may be critical for converting a visitor to your website into a customer, thus increasing income.

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What is a Website Conversion rate?

Every online campaign is done with a purpose in mind and oftentimes there is a cost involved. A good conversion rate relates to a higher return on investment(ROI). A website conversion doesn’t necessarily have to be the completion of a purchase online. It will depend on one or more goals like brand awareness, lead generation, sales, etc.

A website conversion is basically a web analytics event that signifies the fulfillment of a website goal. Goals differ depending on the purpose and nature of your website and business. They are sometimes referred to as desired actions. To begin tracking the conversion rate of your website, you should first put in place goal tracking and assign goals as conversions in a website analytics system such as Google Analytics. Understanding your conversion rate is critical for developing a sales and marketing strategy. And besides, how would you know what changes to make to an email or popup if you didn’t know how it performed?

The mathematical formula to find out the conversion rate percentage is as follows:

Website conversion rate (CR) = (Number of goal achievements / Number of users) × 100%​

The conversion rate is the percentage of users who have taken actions that are advantageous for your company. It indicates whether your website is successfully converting visitors into buyers or if it simply allows them to leave without buying or sharing their contact information. For example, if your most recent marketing email received 1,000 clicks and 30 sales, the conversion rate is 3%.

How can Website Traffic Affect Conversion?

Website traffic & conversion are equally important as they are interdependent. Part of our duty as a digital marketing agency in Dubai is to think of new and imaginative ways to get more people to visit the site. This offers a number of significant advantages for any business, including increased brand exposure and revenue, as well as the expansion of your email subscriber base. The link between web traffic and total email marketing performance is significant, with more visits to your site equaling more chances to sign them up for your newsletters and build stronger, more powerful relationships.

Website traffic is primarily of 3 types:

  • Organic traffic – Unpaid clicks that naturally come owing to higher SERP results & brand recognition
  • Referral traffic – Visitors that come to your website after being redirected from another website
  • Paid traffic – Traffic inflow due to paid tactics like sponsored social media posts, PPC campaigns, etc.

Website traffic can be improved by effectively utilizing social media, SEO, google ads, influencer marketing, special offers, IG campaigns, etc.

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Increasing Website Conversion with Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing enables you to use the right techniques to gain more visitors to your website and also increase the quality of traffic on the website. Digital marketing efforts will become successful only when thorough planning is done prior to the execution.

  • Market Study –  A comprehensive analysis of the industry can help to choose the right marketing strategy. This includes competitor analysis as well.
  • Product or Service Study – The knowledge of the products and services that the business offers can help to highlight the Unique Selling Points(USPs).
  • Target Right Audience – Unless the marketing is targeted at the right target audience, the desired ROI cannot be achieved.

Identify the Platforms Used – Marketing on the platforms that are frequented by the target audience will help to garner more responses.

Convince the traffic – Convince the website visitors using the elements like color combination, fonts, and brand patterns that resonate with the audience. Always remember that the quality & layout of the website has to be relevant to the brand.

Converting the achieved traffic – Once the potential customer is convinced of your brand authenticity, it is time to wow the customer with the user experience of the website, strategically placed portfolio details, customer testimonials, and above all the USP of your product/service quality.

Lead generation – Capturing the details of the website visitor is of prime importance for conversion and future follow-ups. Lead generation helps in retargeting the leads in case they back out from completing the desired action. This can be reminded to the visitors with the help of strategically placed Call to Actions(CTAs), online chat options, WhatsApp integration, etc.

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Best Practices to Improve Website Conversion Rate

  • Start creating dedicated landing pages for your paid ad campaigns: Creating dedicated landing pages for your paid advertising campaigns is one of the best conversion marketing strategies. Every advertisement should include a landing page that focuses on the advertised product or service. If your target audience clicks on an ad for a particular product or service, they expect to find information about that product or service on the landing page.
  • Concentrate on your call to action: In digital marketing, this is referred to as a “CTA.” This is typically a registration action button or a button that redirects you to an action page. In one experiment, Optimizely increased conversion rates by 27 percent by changing the button text from “Get Started” to “Test it Out.” Action words outperform non-action words significantly.
  • UI/UX Design: Design plays an important role in increasing conversion rates. Websites serve as your online store. It must be optimized for maximum effectiveness. Landing pages give sufficient information to entice visitors to convert while also gently guiding them. Instead of a cluttered page with too much information, a page with minimal content, great design, and proper CTAs with action words can help you get higher conversions.
  • Examine the visitors: Visitors from organic traffic invest more time on your website. Visitors who come from paid campaigns have lower bounce rates. Analyze the visitors and tailor your services to them.
  • Call to Action Pop-Up Function: As per Digital Marketing Company, the average conversion rate for all pop-ups is approximately 3.09 percent. However, if we do everything correctly, we can increase our conversion rates to an average of 9.28 percent.

Add Testimonials, Reviews, and Logos: People trust other customers’ reviews. Their feedback reflects on your products/services. Add relevant testimonials, reviews, and business logos to help the customer understand.

Iterate, iterate, and iterate some more: Continue to experiment and discover. The path to a decent conversion rate is littered with potholes caused by your tests. These stumbling blocks help you pave the way for a more seamless experience, which increases conversion rates. Study the user funnel like the bounce rate, time spent, internal pages visited, etc to get valuable insights that can be used for further improving/increasing conversion. This info can help future customers & reduce the bounce rate.

What Is Conversion Optimization in Digital Marketing?

The ultimate goal of any blog post or landing page is to convert website visitors into customers. The big question now is how to ensure that your website visitors take the actions you want them to take. There are a lot of great (and not-so-great) tips out there, however, at the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing: Conversion Optimization.

Conversion optimization is essential whether you’re getting good or bad results: testing, analyzing, and optimizing will eventually lead to better results – and there’s always room for improvement when it comes to sales and conversions. Set one or more of three types of goals to optimize this experience:

  • An instantaneous goal, such as clicks or form completion on the page
  • A campaign objective, such as the number of leads or purchases made
  • Long-term objectives, such as increasing your long-term value, net income, volume of sales, or lead quality.

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