Moment Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

  • July 9, 2024
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Moment Marketing

Timing is everything. For advertising, the golden minute is all that matters. Have you ever thought about how important timing is when it comes to advertising? Even if you worked on the perfect ad campaign ( which you think is going to perform very well ) if it is delivered at the wrong time – it is bound to fail. The key is to get the right technique at the right time. This is where the moment marketing comes in. 

Read ‘Moment Marketing: Everything You Need to Know’, about what moment marketing is, why the brands need it, examples and strategies, and more.

What is moment marketing? 

The term ‘Moment marketing’ defines itself. Marketing at the ‘now moment’. It is a popular strategy in which brands jump on current trends, news, or events to increase brand exposure and sales. Have you seen the jump in social media posters connecting with current events and trends these days? That’s moment marketing. This marketing method enables organizations to capitalize on current trending events and engage with consumers by expressing the right message at the right moment.

It is an effective technique for brands and enterprises to stand out from the crowd and participate in hot conversations. While it remains a low-cost marketing avenue for communication, keep in mind that it is also temporary and will only produce results if executed appropriately.

Why Do Brands Need Moment Marketing?

Cost Effective

Money does talk, but not in every scenario. The exciting thing about moment marketing is you don’t need to break the bank. It all comes down to creativity and timing. You spend less money while getting more interaction, brand visibility, and conversions than with traditional marketing tactics.

Connection, Conversation & Conversion:

Every brand aims for the three C’s. Just consider the purpose of any social media content for your brand. It’d be one of these three. Just Imagine your brand’s post appears while your audience is already engaged in the newest news–bam! In one funny post, you’ve made a connection, started a conversation, and increased your chances of conversion. That’s how the magic of moment marketing happens.

Best Moment Marketing Strategies

  • Be Ready

Be ready for the moment. Keep your creative team on their toes when it comes to to-moment marketing. You have to capitalize during the trend’s peak period. Being prepared with your marketing strategy allows you to prevent risks or marketing disasters in the event of last-minute requirements. 

  • Keep up with Trends and Events

Moment marketing focuses on trends and ongoing events. Maintain an active presence on social media platforms and stay up to date on current events and possible trends. Look at your target audience’s interests and uncover patterns to capitalize on trends and events that are relevant to your clients. Also, keep an eye out for events that are relevant to your brand and plan marketing efforts accordingly. Remember that, while moment marketing appears to be spontaneous, the majority of it may be prepared ahead of time.    

  •  Be Witty

Use comedy to connect with your audience. It will ignite conversation while also giving the company a more personable persona. Always tailor your messaging to local audiences.

  • Event-led or occasion-led events work well

Is there an upcoming event? Or an event in your country or city? Make sure to schedule these in advance on your content calendar.

  •  Use memes

Never underestimate the power of a meme. This is because they are amusing, relatable, and shareable. Millennials and Generation Z prefer subtle advertising over traditional advertising.

Moment Marketing Examples

  • Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” Campaign (2014 onwards):

Event: Personalized marketing trend.

Marketing Response: Coca-Cola replaced its logo on bottles with popular names and encouraged sharing on social media, creating a personalized connection with consumers.

  • KitKat and iPhone 6 Bendgate (2014):

Event: Reports of iPhone 6 Plus bending easily.

Marketing Response: KitKat tweeted, “We don’t bend, we #break.” This clever response linked the product’s well-known breakability with the trending issue.

  • Oreo’s “Dunk in the Dark” (2013):

Event: Super Bowl power outage.

Marketing Response: Oreo tweeted, “You can still dunk in the dark” during the blackout. The quick, witty response capitalized on the event and became an instant hit.

  • Amul’s Topical Advertisements

Event: Various national and international events.

Marketing Response: Amul is famous for its witty and timely print ads that comment on current events, ranging from political happenings to sports victories and Bollywood gossip. Their quick and clever responses have made these ads iconic in Indian advertising.

  • Pepsi Squid Game Trend

Event: Pepsi joining the squid game craze

Marketing Response: Pepsi tweeted the infamous squid game trend connecting with their logo which instantly became a hit.

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