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Our Policy

Our policy is built on the major responsibility to safeguard the personal data of our clients who visit our site. Our ultimate aim is to gather and utilize your data for giving away the better service for our promising clients. The data are collected with the allowance of our clients with the prime motive of promotional strategy, for better advertising, informative mailing and other offers. Even though our client wishes to turn down to work with us, still your data will be safeguarded under our privacy policy. Not everything but your security matters us.

Why do we Collect Information?

The Information gathering process of Intersmart targets self-assessment. Through this gathering of information the service quality can be enhanced at the same time we can oversee your interest to do the service accordingly. It also helps us to check our new customers and the peculiarities which allured them towards us. It is also an instrument to measure the success of execution.

Personal Data Collection and Communication

All the information that we gather are voluntarily given by our customers and they can be presented in different ways by the customers themselves in order to convey the type of service they need from us

For instance if your personal data like the info regarding your credit card is shared with us, while you signed up on our website or through phone call, you never need to be conscious about the security reasons when it comes to the payment process, it is carried out by the third parties like, PayPal,2Checkout, Authorize and Stripe. Mind you that the above-mentioned companies won’t come across your data as they are entitled with the billing services only. 

If in the case of the client wants to conduct a promotional campaign, we have to gather some information from them including name, address, location, credit card information and other information for completing the task. The above information is taken during the process of registration. 

Your e-mail is a mandatory thing which you have to provide for sharing you the relevant information on the services you have chosen and also to inform you about our upcoming plans and projects which you will be interested in. although we have the option for unsubscribing the promotional messages or otherwise you can even send us an e-mail to

Also remember to provide your private details like E-mail address, phone numbers, location and name of the business when you send such kind of emails. Do write "promoting messages opt-out" as the subject before writing the email.

Data you provide

We strictly deny associating information provided by the customers along with the information on our site. The relevant information regarding our services is shared using the data you provide during the registration or signing up for the website. If you wish to change your info, kindly update and inform us through a phone call or via e-mail. 

Use and protection of personal information

Like we informed earlier, as per our privacy policy, the data you provides will be safeguarded and not be shared anywhere. But there are chances if the company is sold out or merged with another firm. Hence we can send your info to our advisors. But no third parties have the right to utilize your data. The only purpose behind it is to make the service flexible. Since we have the authority to disclose your data as per the law, we believe that exposure is needed for the security of our rights. So we follow the judicial proceedings on our website.  

Other Information we collect

Other information we gather includes the nonpersonal data like IP address bclearfixser type and the visited pages through cookies. We also have an eye on the way you got into our sites and what all thinks you have searched through our site. This information is collected not only by us but from different sites of ours. However, we share a few anonymous data from our third parties and business partners which won’t harm them. 

A cookie is a small file that in which your browser stores each message. They are messages passed by the web server to web browser. When you request another page from a server, the browser sends a cookie to the server.  The cookie helps the sites to identify your browser and thereafter they restore certain information.

Cookies are ignored by following your internet bclearfixser's "help file". But in the case, if you ignore our cookies, you will be restricted from certain areas of the sites still you can go through our website. All your activities in our site are measured in order to provide you a customized experience in web browsing and we assist you with personalized experience in web. We render great technical support though.

Data Retention

Even though the association or the work has ended still the gathered information is kept for a given period of time. This happens even though you just got the service and later ended or did not try for the service or whether you obtained the service and the terms were over. Any situation can be, your data will be with us for about 4 years after the end of our partnership. Sometimes by the date, you rejected our service offer or from the date the service got unavailable. 

During the time of maintenance of the information as stated earlier, you can delete your data from our database by informing us through phone or e-mail. The user should mention his personal data along with "Remove Personally Identifiable Information" as the title so that we can easily identify you and look after the demand for removal. We also remind you that any identifiable data you provided does not depend upon the maintenance period. Hence it can’t be erased. 

Third party website links

We have some other third party website links like customers, business partners, advertisers, and associates. Though we don’t have any control over the policies and information of these kinds of third-party sites, we can’t control their daily business practices and operations. As we are not connected in that way, you need to find how they are collecting and using the personal information.

Security Information

All the stored information of Intersmart are protected and safeguarded with industry-standard security devices like firewalls and encrypted protocols. This is done as a preventive measure for restricting the unauthorized access of our data. Our well-developed security system protects your information from being pirated or misused. The info regarding credit card is highly protected through secure socket layer (SSL) which provides encryption on the process. We have our specially trained employees to safeguard your data. For enhancing the capability of the process, we review both the internal and external resources as well.

Revision Policy

Intersmart promises you the unlimited revisions according to your chosen packages. The clients are given the right to ask for revisions as per package which free of an extra fee. Though the design and concept are alike the client can demand revision on any one of the provided options. Revision on several options will be either inadmissible or will be charged discretely. 

The timelines for normal revision will be 48 to 72 hours for the design of logo and website and for that of video animations it will be 3 to 5 days. The timelines will vary depending on the revision scope for apps, software, and games. Similarly, the timelines may vary depending on the complexity for functionality and Development revisions. For digital marketing strategies, the timelines will vary depending on the overall plan size, medium, research, budget etc.

Protection for children

Information is not collected from anyone who is below 13 years of age.

Changes to this privacy policy

Our policy may vary according to time. The changes of policy will get updated in our website All the users are advised to follow the updates to stay connected with our website.