5 Ways to improve ranking for your Website.

  • April 4, 2024
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5 Ways to improve ranking for your Website.

In this era of the digital world, even small business owners have been thinking about search engine optimization. It’s because most people use search engines like google, bing, etc. to find the product they need to buy. But how to improve the rankings of our website?

If this is a piece of cake, you are wrong. Improve rankings, it’s a bit tricky job.

There are several factors for ranking a website. That’s why we’ve put up a guide to improve the search engine ranking of your websites.

We’ve sorted out 5 basic but essential factors that will help you to improve your website ranking. Let’s go through the 5 ways to enhance the ranking of your website.

  • Conduct A Site Audit.
  • Optimize The Website For Mobile.
  • Improve Inbound&Outbound Links.
  • Fix Duplicate Content.
  • Optimize Your Site Speed.

As we mentioned before, these are necessary but essential methods that will help your site to rank better.

Conduct A Site Audit.

You want to find out the best ways to enhance search engine optimization for your website, and you need to start with an SEO website audit. An audit will help you recognize your site’s strengths and weaknesses.

By doing a site audit, you will get an actual idea about what is your weakness, and you can develop a strategy that will help your website to rank better.

Some of the top website audit sites are listed below.




Open site explorer

gt matrix

These are some of the mainstream audit tools you can find others from google itself.

Optimize The Website For Mobile.

Mobile site optimization is not optional for businesses. In 2015, Google penalizes sites that are not optimized for mobile devices. Its because most of the search users are from mobile devices, that is 55% of searches are coming from mobile devices.

If you want to rank better, this is one crucial part. We all know everyone has a smartphone; it’s easy for people to search for their products. So make sure our websites are mobile-friendly.

Improve Inbound&Outbound Links.

Link building is another essential way to increase search engine optimization results. The best way to increase the number of backlinks to your content is to write content that’s worth linking. The more valuable content you create and share with others, the more likely other sites will link back to your content.

As well as building backlinks, we need to do internal linking. If there is an opportunity to link to a relevant site page or blog post within your content, do it. Internal linking will not only help you increase search engine optimization results, but it allows you to guide readers to other content that they might find helpful.

Fix Duplicate Content.

Duplicate content can negatively influence your SEO efforts. Google always wants to reward sites that have unique site content. So they penalize sites with duplicates. That’s why it’s essential to check your website for duplicate content and fix these issues before google starts to bring down your SERP rankings.

Duplicate content is not only a factor as we said earlier, but Google also checks the uniqueness of the content.

So always try to create high-quality content. However, if the content is not easy to read this will be a bad experience for the consumers so they might leave your site.

Optimize Your Site Speed.

Site speed is also another factor that the Google algorithm takes into consideration when ranking your site. When your page takes more time to load the consumers get frustrated and leave off your site and move to your competitor’s website. And this lead to an increase of bounce rate to your site and you don’t want that to happen.

To improve your ranking and page speed, you need to take some actions/changes on your sites. Here are some factors that affect load times:

  • Size of the Images.

 Larger image files take a long time to load, impacting your site speed. Compress and optimize your image files so that they don’t take much time in loading.

  • Manage the size of Scripts

JS and CSS files can slow down your site, so make sure that you need to compress those file sizes. If you don’t know what to do so ask your developer to do it.

There are some of the factors that help you to rank better in SERPs. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that takes careful consideration and continuous effort to rank between the first few results on Google’s SERP.

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