8 Sneaky Ways to Build Brand Awareness Through Digital Platforms

  • April 12, 2024
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Have you ever wondered why your online campaigns do not fetch the desired results even after spending a fortune? Oftentimes, it may be too late before you figure out the actual reason behind it.

Everyone knows that first impressions last a lifetime, and the truth is that in the modern era, a brand’s opportunity to make a good first impression occurs in the digital sphere. This is due to the fact that people spend a significant portion of their waking hours interacting with media devices such as smartphones, television, radio, internet, desktop and laptop computers, and other connected devices. To put it another way, people nowadays spend more time online and are engrossed in technology. As a result, a brand without a digital presence has almost no chance of finding new prospects or establishing meaningful audience engagement. So read along to know all about brand awareness and 8 Sneaky Ways to Build Brand Awareness Through Digital Platforms.

What Is Brand Awareness in Digital Marketing?

Consider calling a buddy and leaving a voice message without realizing you dialed the wrong number. Because it is not his or her voicemail, your friend would never receive the message. Similarly, your target audience will never pay any attention to your campaigns if they are unaware of your brand and its significance.

Consumers notice and remember your company based on brand awareness. The more brand recognition, the more people will recognize your messaging, logo, and products. It is how potential consumers will know and identify your company. Without it, no matter how many digital channels you utilize to build your online presence, your business is bound to go unnoticed. Furthermore, the greater your brand recognition, the larger your consumer base, and the more people who are aware of your company’s goods, emblem, and message. If your brand is struggling to reach the right audience, contact Inter Smart, a renowned Digital Marketing Company in Dubai to start turning things around.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important for Branding?

Rather than concentrating on fast sales growth through ‘assertive’ marketing, brand awareness initiatives seek to establish a long-term relationship with your brand and your target audience. Positive associations around your brand build in the consumer’s mind as a result of digital marketing and advertising activities, stimulating consumer interest, trust, and loyalty – frequently even before the conversion occurs.

This ‘passive’ infiltration of the audience’s mind expands purchase desire more organically, effectively giving them the flexibility to convert on their own terms. This prevents using conversion rate monitoring as a precise metric for measuring the success of the campaign success. As a result, the success of a brand awareness campaign is usually measured in terms of reach, also known as impressions. Consumers who see your brand awareness campaign will be inadvertently influenced and may convert through your marketing funnel eventually. For effective marketing campaigns, get in touch with the leading Social Media Marketing Company in Dubai. Contact us.

How Can a Business Increase Brand Awareness Through Digital Platforms?

Social Media Drives and Giveaways

Everybody is on social media today, and it is an excellent platform for spreading the word about your company. The contests significantly improve engagement, which in turn promotes purchases. As per studies, Instagram accounts that conduct competitions grow more than 70% faster than those that do not. Giveaways entail delivering gifts to your followers in exchange for one or both of the following duties –

  • Sharing and Liking your posts.
  • Friends getting tagged in the comment section


When it comes to providing your fans with a refreshing change from overbearing advertising tactics, nothing beats memes. Though they aren’t an obvious choice for increasing brand recognition, they offer enormous viral potential. People frequently share related memes with their loved ones across several social media platforms, and a witty post will most likely increase the number of your followers.

Here are some considerations to bear in mind when posting memes:

  • Avoid contentious issues such as the plague. The very last thing you need is to insult a potential customer. Keep it lighthearted and humorous.
  • Check if the memes correspond to your brand’s image and target audience. Anything out of sync will only have negative consequences.

Referral Programmes

Consumers will readily circulate your product or service if they know they will receive a bonus. Dropbox is an excellent illustration of how good referral networks can help a company thrive. Dropbox provides existing customers with 500 MB of additional storage space for each friend they suggest (up to 16 GB). When Dropbox was still young, this referral scheme helped generate a lot of word-of-mouth, resulting in a lot of sign-ups and sparing Dropbox a lot of money on advertising.

Freemium With Credit

Many fantastic online goods provide customers with the choice of using the free version, which contains a watermark or credit line, or upgrading to the premium version, which allows users to remove the mark or replace it with their brand. While many users will choose the free version, they will also inadvertently spread the word about your company to other people. If the product is useful, many of the new consumers that come upon your product will purchase the premium version! Offering a freemium product means getting in front of more eyes, establishing your brand, and attracting paying consumers.

Time-Specific Campaigns

Keep in mind that consumers are actual people. They have desires, needs, and wants. They’ll also be feeling a certain manner at a certain moment. Think about the weather. A bright day evokes sentiments of playfulness and possibility. A wet day might have the opposite effect. What is going on around them at the moment will elicit certain feelings. The same may be stated of current events or the news agenda.

You will truly become a memorable brand if you can understand how your consumers are feeling and tap into these emotions with relevant adverts that speak to them at that time. Dynamic advertisements provide you with the tools you need to establish this relevance.

Concentrate Your Target at a Local Level

Brand awareness is more than simply getting your brand in front of every possible buyer. In some cases, focusing on your target population in a specific local location is critical.

This might be for a new store’s opening, an event, or weekend discounts, for example. Geotargeting allows you to accomplish just that, guaranteeing that all of your marketing dollars are directed towards a certain demographic of people in a specific geographic place. None of your funds will be squandered. For example, a Digital Marketing Company in Dubai can benefit by focusing more on customers from audiences in and around Dubai.

Social Focus

With the choice of social networks on the rise, attempting to engage in active social media marketing across all of them is a fool’s errand. If your company is best suited to a certain network, don’t be afraid to focus your efforts on a few sites. Photo-heavy websites, for example, may concentrate on Instagram and Pinterest. B2B corporations frequently outperform on Twitter, but small enterprises in creative sectors (such as craft marketing) can outperform on Instagram. Know where your target audiences hang out and concentrate your efforts on those networks.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is an effective approach for increasing brand recognition. It focuses on highlighting advertisements to users who did not convert after visiting your site. Remarketing adverts are displayed on websites that your consumers visit. Soon, they’ll see your company everywhere — on their favorite sites, when buying online, and so on. This creates the appearance that your brand is much larger (and has a lot greater advertising budget) than it is. It’s also an excellent strategy to boost your conversion rate.

As a real multi-channel Social Media Marketing Company in Dubai, Inter Smart is not just the agency that comes up with innovative communications and marketing concepts, but we are also the agency that delivers them and then assesses their performance. Fresh ideas and a dash of large-picture thinking will help your campaigns and communications stand out. Our deep knowledge of media strategy, planning, and buying will put your brand in front of the right people, at the right time, and in the best places.


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