Google Core Algorithm Update For March 2023 Is Here!

  • April 15, 2024
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Search engine giant Google has made it clear that they are all set to roll out the 2023 March core algorithm update. As we all know Google is a search engine that helps millions of people find the information they need every day. With a trillion search queries every single day it is quite normal for the search engine to update and refine its search algorithms to provide the most relevant and high-quality search results to its users. Now, Google has announced a major update to its core algorithm, which has the potential to significantly impact website rankings and search results.

The update primarily aims to improve the user experience by rewarding websites that meet google’s criteria of high-quality content and smooth navigation. The update also aims to penalize websites that engage in shady practices such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, and other black-hat SEO techniques. This means that websites that rely on these tactics to improve their rankings may see a significant drop in their search visibility.

As with any major update, website owners and digital marketers need to stay informed and be prepared for potential changes in rankings and traffic. By focusing on delivering high-quality content and user experience, website owners can continue to see success in the increasingly competitive world of online search.

What is Google Core Update?

Unlike other updates and launches, core updates from google always manage to grab some eyeballs from digital marketing and SEO specialists since it directly has an effect on their website traffic and rankings. Google tends to announce the roll out few days before and it will take some time to complete the process.

Your ranks in SERP can show whether the update hurt or helped your website. You can also witness some dramatic effects on your website traffic.

March 2023 Core Update

Keep in mind that core updates usually take weeks to roll out and search rankings are likely to take a hit during this period.

With the update, the search engine giant aims to deliver accurate, high-quality and relevant content from authoritative websites for its users. Since we don’t have a clear picture of the update, here are some of the things to keep in mind based on the past updates.

Check out these highlights

Let’s take a look into the key factors that needed to be handled during a core algorithm update.

  • Quality reigns supreme

Google’s algorithm is created to provide people with helpful and reliable information, not for search engine rankings or metrics. So, an appearance on the page helps you to evaluate if you are able to produce such ‘people-first’ content. Creating content that is based on original information, reporting, research, or analysis to benefit people should be your top priority.

  •  It takes Time

So, let’s take one thing clear. The effect of the core update won’t be sudden.  It will take time. Google crawlers will take their sweet time with indexing and reassessing the web, which can even take days or weeks.

  • Keep tabs on numbers

Let’s be honest. Core updates can have a devastating effect on website traffic. So, keep tabs on the statics of your website and its traffic. If you are quite unsure whether your losses ( if you had any)  are the result of a Google upgrade, you can check Google Analytics to determine if the fluctuation is limited to Google organic traffic which is commonly due to the update.

However, Core upgrades do have a sitewide impact, albeit they may not affect every page on the site. If you see fluctuation in a single page, they are most likely not the result of a Google core upgrade.

  • Recheck every Detail

Do not neglect your site’s technical aspects including mobile friendliness, proper Indexing, and bounce rate. All of this plays a vital role in your website’s overall ranking.

When was the last core algorithm update?

Following the previous upgrade in September 2022, Google is currently releasing the first broad core update of 2023. The latest big upgrade to Google Search was over six months ago.

If you’ve been hit by the core update what will you do?

Well, Google gave the answer a long time ago. Creating ‘people-first content’ to be instead of ‘search engine first’ content made solely for search engine rankings. Google also made this explicitly clear in their recently rolled-out helpful content update on December 2022.

While we can’t exactly predict the behavior of the algorithm the search engine points out the crucial matter we should be fully focusing are :

  • Content
  • E.E.A.T 

The search engine proposes we should ask ourselves a few questions to help us understand the things they are looking for in content. Google normally takes a slew of matters into consideration to finalize a decision on which content displays aspects of experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, aka the E-E-A-T.

Make sure to go through your content and make a comparison with another one that google ranks higher than yours after the new core update.

  • Is your content better?
  • Is it more effective at getting the searcher the answer they’re looking for?
  • How can you improve/make modifications?

Google also reveals that the uniqueness of the content also plays a crucial role in answering queries about certain topics. The algorithm ensures that the content is rightly balanced with relevant information and authoritativeness to maintain the trust of its users with accurate results.

In summary

In addition to improving user experience, the core updates will also prioritize the use of trustworthy sources and credible information. Websites with high-quality content that can demonstrate expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EAT) will be rewarded with higher rankings.

This puts website owners with more responsibility to provide accurate and credible information. With the ongoing pandemic and the prevalence of misinformation, Google’s emphasis on EAT is timely and crucial. The March 2023 update serves as a reminder that ethical SEO practices and quality user experience are paramount to achieving success in search rankings and, ultimately building trust and credibility with users.

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