Is ChatGPT your secret weapon for SEO content editing?

  • April 15, 2024
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Is ChatGPT your secret weapon for SEO content editing?

ChatGPT and OpenAI are undoubtedly the town’s talks centred around content creation. Even though ChatGpt cannot outsmart proper SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush, the tool can be used for specific functions beyond churning out repetitive and nonsensical content all at once. The experts at Intersmart Solutions point out that SEO pros are already putting chatGPT to work.

When it comes to SEO in a post-ChatGPT era, many are curious about machine-generated content. Many are wondering if it has an impact on search engine rankings and SEO programmes. As the answers evolve eventually, let’s take a look at how ChatGpt can be an aid for content editing for SEO according to our SEO wizards.

ChatGPT as an Editing Tool

Let’s take a look at how chatGPT can be a game-changer for content creators and SEO gurus. We know how fast ChatGPT can generate answers. But the tools tend to churn out a chunk of content which may not necessarily align with your goals. So, you’ll end up with additional work of editing out unnecessary data.

So start with :

  • Setting Clear Goals 

As Google always says, content for the people, identify your target audience and define the purpose of your content. Make sure to choose and mention the content format ie blog, news, newsletter, article, social media post etc. Also giving ChatGPT a clear role in the conversation helps frame the answers more accurately. Are they an editor? A writing assistant? A researcher?

Example for the prompt: I’m writing a book and you’re my editor. Make sure that you are editing and making sure the content is aligned to the goals.

  • Research and Context

ChatGPT can be your research assistant. The AI tool can provide information based on the info we give it. Ask the right questions and you will get summaries of complex matters and can learn new things and concepts. It can also help you with finding additional topics related to your subject that can be added to your content. Many SEOs or persons in charge of managing a large number of pages despise writing meta descriptions. And ChatGPT can do it for you within seconds.

  • Prompt Hacks

If you want accurate data, feed the AI with reliable sources and data. Also, make sure to

use coincide and precise instructions. Remember to ask for templated, consistent outputs so you can refine the prompts as you go along. Prompt iteratively.

Ex.: Give me a concise, bulleted list of trendy SEO services

  • Answers with a Personality

You can also ask it to rewrite/modify the desired passage with ‘tones’ like, informal, casual, friendly, and educational for gaining a better out Put. Ask for the content in different styles including, how-to and lists and bullet points. ChatGPT is also capable of rewriting the content for different English levels of people. Make the algorithm work for you.

  • Enhance Creativity

You can also use ChatGPT o brainstorm ideas or One can also generate content outlines for content structures using this tool. It can provide titles and suitable subtitles for your content. ‘Also, it can generate effective H1, H2 and FAQs related to your blog or web content related to your article, points outs’, says the creative experts at Intersmart Solutions.

  • Editing and Proofreading 

Always double-check the chatGPT output. Besides the over-dumping data, keep in mind that ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited to 2021 data, which means it won’t be able to answer some questions precisely. Make sure to edit the generated content for clarity, coherence and conciseness. ChatGPT can also help you to format your blog content that can be used for further optimization. You need to make sure that your generated content goes hand in hand with the brand voice. The human touch is important when it comes to creating quality content.

  • Internal Links 

Now, a post-conversion from a Google Doc or Word Doc is a common task as part of the editorial workflow. ChatGPT can complete this task very quickly. The experts at our SEO services Dubai reveal that ChatGPT is also capable of adding internal links to the generated content.

  • Collaboration &Ethics 

You can ChatGPT as a collaborative tool for your team. Make sure that your content aligns with the ethical guidelines.

Google’s Stance on AI Content 

Google is mainly focusing on the ‘people first’ phrase when it comes to content generation. The content should not be written for manipulating the search engine results. Focus on the quality of the content rather than the production side has always been Google’s approach. The Google content outline focuses on E-E-A-T, creating relevant, reliable and people-first content on their page.

Few Caveats to Consider Before Using ChatGPT 

Now that you have an understanding of how ChatGPT and its automation works, here are some matters you should be keeping in mind before starting your editing journey with the AI tool.

  1. ChatGPT often generates answers that might include inaccurate data. It can cause some confusion if you are not familiar with the topic you are generating. So, proofreading by a human is done before publishing the content.
  2. The AI tool has been trained using data from 2021 and before that. As of this writing, it cannot crawl the web, therefore the information it creates may be out of date.
  3.  So far, there is no specific penalty for using AI material as long as it is useful. But, a lot of AI content is easily detectable with its repetitive and spam pattern, there’s no guarantee that Google’s approach will remain consistent in the future.

Conclusively, we can safely assert that Chat GPT has revolutionized the content editing sphere by providing an array of innovative features. This platform enables users to have a more convenient and efficient content editing experience with its automated suggestions, adept conversational AI capabilities, and its native integration into popular tools. It is clear that Chat GPT stands out from other alternatives due to its unique capacity for collaboration and scalability; what’s more, it has enabled many organizations to receive accurate edits for their documents.

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