Why Aren’t My Google Ads Converting? Reasons & Solution

  • April 15, 2024
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Advertising can be a daunting task when you don’t know what to prioritize and where to implement the ads. It requires professional and experienced knowledge to create the ads according to the best practices of Google to drive traffic and conversions to your website. This blog will answer Why Aren’t My Google Ads Converting? Reasons & Solution. Read along to find effective ways to acquire traffic and conversions.

Reasons & Solution

Use of Keywords

You have to understand what type of keywords to use to let the audience know you. Keywords are certain words that are included in the website for using search engine optimization to drive traffic effectively. They are often updated as per the topics on trend, events in the news as well as the components user type when they search for anything online. You can approach our digital marketing company in Dubai to assist in implementing the right keywords that can reward you with remarkable results.

Solution: The first and foremost thing you have to do while taking keywords is to research as your ad campaign ramps on. You can find new ways to express your service using the right keywords or even phrases that are famous in your niche. Third-party websites can help you in creating keywords according to the trends and topics on Google, you can also search for popular keywords as this can give you insights on suitable keywords to let the audience see your ads. In this way, the traffic will go rising for your ads as the people with interest in your service will reach you with the help of effective content marketing.

Low Budget

Budgeting is a vital part of marketing on platforms like Google, Facebook, or Instagram to run a successful campaign. Budgeting in an ideal way can turn out marvelous conversions. Whether you are an amateur or a huge business owner who uses Google ads to enhance their brand, you have to remember that you are competing with everyone big or small. It might be kind of overwhelming but there are various options for you to engage in conversions and clicks, regardless of your services and products.

Solution: You have to set realistic goals when starting out, do not expect overnight success with just Google Ads, and most certainly not for several weeks. Note that PPC (pay-per-click) ads are not exactly cheap so you should focus more on the use of keywords. In this way, the target audience is in your area to see and know more about your content and services. Get PPC services in Dubai to get the outcome for your ads, enhance performance, and implement changes according to that.

Usage of Ad Extensions

The users are shown information on contact based on the product when they use their smartphone to click on Google Ads. If a campaign enables people to obtain a product’s contact information, the intention is typically local to the user’s location. These are the people who are curious about things nearby where they live currently. Ad extensions are used to do this and without ad extensions, you would run the risk of having consumers click on the advertisements, view them, and then never follow up on conversions.

Solution: Ad extensions are only beneficial for the users to call with numbers, but links to your business website can be placed in them. They are specifically operated by Google, though they are usually put on by the companies in browsers. Almost half of the Google searches are basically looking for the products in the nearby area, so the numbers as well as links related to the niche recommend localized businesses.

Inappropriate Content on the Website

This is a very important aspect when users visit your website. Target audiences are shown content to let them be attracted to know more about the services they might need. And when the ad becomes irrelevant to the content that is presented on the website, the first thing the user does is leave. So keep in mind that the products or services that are mentioned in the ad should be visible on the site.

Solution: you have to make sure that the value propositions are exactly the same as the ads and the landing page. Don’t even change the colors, borders, designs, and logos, basically both the ad and landing page should contain the same product or service. You don’t want your visitors to get to something they haven’t searched for. So if a product or service is claimed on the ads, it should be no different when they visit the landing page.

Not Using Geo-Targeting

You own a business and want to make use of Google ads to improve the local internet in accessing your products and services. How will you get this? The simple answer is to take up an ad campaign in the exact location of your business. You have used PPC along with ad campaigns, but there are no results as the users cannot access your site. However, few numbers of the user outside the region you have targeted have clicked on the ads. Yet they are not converted because of the distance they are from your location. Geotargeting can be expensive if it is not used in a certain way as more ads are used for the people that have no mind of converting, so it can be futile.

Solution: You have to know about geotargeting before starting an ad campaign as it is always better to have a target on who you want to view the ads. Some of the niches are operated nationally that have greater chances of getting conversions in certain cities. When some products are advertised, demographic information is also significant. More conversions will come from a city’s primary demographic groupings if your adverts reflect topics that are more popular with those groups.

To conclude, Ads don’t come with a result tag as it is not achieved in a day. It requires time and professional expertise to know the techniques and implement strategies to drive traffic to your website with the help of quality content and creative ads. It is vital to take an effort in creating strategies and implementing them. Inter Smart can assist you in effective conversions and leading traffic to your website that can boost your sales and business.

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